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AngelWing Aviary!



Lucky,my Pet Moluccan Too.
Lucky says hi,and WELCOME
to our home,please drop
in often,as we love company!


Heavenly Wings Aviary

Homestead Hatchery

Ottawa Parrot Club


Exotic Wings

Tiel Genetics

ALL birds have been tested for,PBFD,PACHECO,POLYOMA,and CHLAMYDIA.New birds that come in are put into Quarantine and are also tested for the above diseases before allowed into AVIARIES!

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AngelWing Aviary,the Aviary is on the right of the house.
On the next few Pages I will attempt to intoduce you to my family and Pets and a few of the Breeders.
As,I love Gardens and my Website would not be complete without a few Garden photos,I will throw some in.
Please enjoy and for any info concerning this site or for the availability of babies Please e-mail.

Bowes Cockatiels

Health Gene



Critter Jungle

Wings Of My Heart Aviary

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